Nowadays, Refugee4Refugees runs different projects on the islands of Lesvos and Samos. Our main activities consist of clothing and hygiene item distribution, sorting and organizing the storage of donated items, camp and beach cleaning, setting up tents for new arrivals and recreational and non-formal educational activities. Refugee4Refugees welcomes every person who wants to collaborate and help in its projects, always encouraging refugees and asylum seekers to get involved in the activities of the organization.


Refugee4Refugees aims offer sustainable support, humanitarian assistance and emergency response to migrants from all nationalities who arrive at the shores of Lesvos and Samos seeking asylum in Europe.


Refugee4Refugees aims to promote the establishment of a participative global aid ecosystem, whereby refugees and asylum seekers can feel empowered through their active involvement in humanitarian and development interventions.

We believe that it is really important to shed light to the undeniable fact that it is not only western volunteers who have the ability to make a difference, but that the refugee community that we aim to serve is also a big part of the solution to the humanitarian crisis we are currently living through, as they themselves also bring a wide-ranging set of skills, insights and kindness.

We know their situation, we speak their language, and we have been in their position. So we know best how to support them.
— Omar Alshakal, Syrian refugee and Refugee4Refugees Founder


Every month hundreds of people attempt to cross from Turkey to Greece to escape violence and poverty. Refugee4Refugees strives to help those people as they make this perilous journey by offering humanitarian assistance and emergency support to those who arrive to the shores of Lesvos and Samos. We acknowledge the protracted and “chronic” nature of the current refugee crisis in Europe, and as such, we aim to also address longer-term development needs of the refugee communities currently living in Lesvos and Samos.

·      Emergency response to crises across the islands of Lesvos and Samos during emergency situations.

·      “Free shopping experience”: distribution of clothing and hygiene items to refugees living in and around the official Reception and Identification Centers of Moria Camp in Lesvos and Vathi Camp in Samos.

·      Recreational activities for the children living in Moria and Vathi Camp and their surroundings.

·      Non-formal educational activities for the children living in Moria Camp and its surroundings.

·      Cleaning of the informal settlements surrounding Moria and Vathi Camp.

·      Beach cleaning of the southern shores of Lesvos.