Wish List

At Refugee4Refugees we're always looking to the future and how we can better serve refugees. Omar has great insight into the most effective use of resources as someone who came to these shores in a vulnerable position himself. We ask ourselves, how do we get the best bang for your buck? We have come up with a wish list of items that would help us to better protect and serve people arriving here.

  1. Night vision binoculars - military grade binoculars are so important for our boat spotting teams. In the pitch black of night trying to spot black inflatable boats on a dark sea is incredibly difficult. We need to be able to track boats as soon as they enter EU waters, because if we lose them in the waves we can't direct rescue boats to their location.
  2. Laptop - Refugee4Refugees is currently trying to run our operation using an iPad. A laptop would allow us to better manage photo and video material to publicise what is happening with refugees on the island, manage our finances, organise spotting teams, management of Stage 2 camp and communicate with donors, volunteers and journalists.
  3. Camera - At Refugee4Refugees we believe in publicity. We want people to know what is happening on this island to keep the global community accountable. We are on the frontline and in a privileged position. We believe having a camera would allow us to document the human side of this crisis and distribute through out networks and platforms.
  4. Wifi - Dozens of refugees are housed at Stage 2 refugee camp when they first arrive. Their first minutes and hours on European soil is a daunting time and they are eager to talk to family and friends and let them know they are safe. Wifi would allow them to communicate and empower themselves with information on what to expect going forward. Having the internet is helpful on so many levels e.g. it allows them to translate words when they are confused or Whatsapp family members.