The Last 12 Hours



59 refugees arrive to Stage 2 Transit Camp on Lesvos

At midnight R4R Founder Omar Alshakal got a phone call from his friends inside Moria Camp and Aris from Attika Warehouse that there was fighting and a big fire inside Moria Camp. Moria is the largest camp on Lesvos and holds 6000+ people. Omar notified our volunteers on the island and went to help. He arrived to find a lot of people outside the camp, a fire and a lot of confusion as to what was happening inside. There was a lot of emergency personnel, NGO representatives and doctors working outside. Omar found two people unconscious outside the camp and doctors suggested it was best for him to transport them in his van inside as it would be the safest way to get them into a clinic they run inside the camp walls. It's believed they were unconscious from the fire. 30 minutes later, the UN called Omar and told him 59 people had arrived on the southern coast of the island from Syria and the Democratic Republic of Congo. They asked him to get Stage 2 transit camp ready for their arrival as we would cook for them, get them fluids and look after them for the night. They will be transported to Moria Camp later today. As Omar and our team on the ground works furiously to keep up with the needs on the island we want to take a minute to thank everyone who donates to us and volunteers with us. Unfortunately the last 12 hours are not unusual and your donations make sure we have two vehicles ready with fuel to get there and transport the people when needed. They make sure there is food in Stage 2 ready to be cooked and water ready to rehydrate them when they get rescued from the boats. 

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