New Partnership

We have an amazing new partner in UK organisation Donate4Refugees. We had the good fortune of being introduced to founder Amber Bauer and she found us worthy of funding to support our landing team and supply food for our new arrivals in Stage 2. It will keep us ticking along for another month in Skala Sikamineas. We are beyond grateful.

Donate4Refugees taps in UK donors to bring together funding and then direct it to refugee support projects they've personally verified as reputable. So far they've helped the lives of 16,000 refugees through 96 projects. Amber came to visit us earlier in September and saw Refugee4Refugees' work first hand. She was involved in refugee boat landings and cooking in Stage 2.

Donate4Refugees has funded food, water, clothes and shelter, community spaces, kitchen utensils, mobile phone top-ups, vans and cars and bikes, food vouchers, sewing machines, baby boxes, survival kits, shop re-fits, legal support, mental health protection, flat rentals, asylum information and translations, education workshops, boat landing rescues and much much more.

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